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Bullmate Graduation: 2010

A Cross-Section of the participants of the Oil Well Drilling Operations Training Programme organiz...


  • We are Positioning Professionals in the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Bullmate Graduation: 2010

  • The Classroom

  • Bullmate Students discussing with experts

Bullmate Limited

Bullmate Limited  is a growth oriented private  oil and gas company located in Nigeria  with a proven track record of successful training and manpower development in exploration and drilling. The corporation evolved from its early focus of providing quality training and  management services to its present dedication to building asset value via a consistently executed plan for growth.

We  understands the requirement of qualified and competent man power in the hydro carbon sector, hence the efforts are to produce and make available quality man power specialist in their respective fields. Our strength lies in being a "Center of Excellence" in oil field training in the first instance which will enable professionals to acquire knowledge and skills to perform effectively in the rapidly advancing hydro-carbon sector.

Bullmate has been established in Nigeria as a professional training organization of choice in upstream and downstream  segment of Hydro Carbon sector and related industry and it is graded and acknowledged as the most proficient professional organization of its kind in Nigeria.



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